SÜPRMARKT Aims to Open a Brick and Mortar Health Store on Slauson Avenue

By Jessica Flores

Nipsey Hussle’s death has inspired many in the community to continue his work to improve South L.A. Olympia Auset, founder of the organic produce service SÜPRMARKT is one of them. She created a campaign to open a brick and mortar health store where the former Mr. Wisdom Specialty Health Food Store existed on Slauson Ave, just a few steps away from Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing store.

“The only reason we even knew that [Mr. Wisdom] closed was because of conversations that arose after Nipsey passed,” Auset told Dear Southside. “And the urgency that we felt to just get on top of it and do something really has to do with honoring [Nipsey’s] legacy and continuing his work.”


Mr. Wisdom’s closed at the end of 2018 and was sold in January of 2019, according to Auset. Dear Southside reached out to Mr. Wisdom for comment, but he did not respond in time for publication. Auset wants to continue what Mr. Wisdom created as one of the few local food stores that offered organic produce in the area.

Founded in 2016, SÜPRMARKT serves organic produce at weekly pop-up locations throughout South L.A. such as The Underground Museum, KRST Unity Center and Leimert Park among others. They’ve served over 25,000 pounds of produce in South L.A. since opening, according to their site.

Auset was recently featured in an episode of “Broken Bread,” a co-production of KCET and Tastemade, with award-winning chef Roy Choi where she talks about the lack of access to healthy food in South L.A.

SÜPRMARKT is hoping to raise about $100,000 to open its first store. Auset said she hopes to work with Mr. Wisdom in the near future and even include some of his dishes at her store.

“This is something that will empower us to be able to do more work across the country and in LA.,” she said. “Our goal is to create a situation where South Central is no longer a food desert.”

To donate to SÜPRMARKT’s campaign, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-slauson-fresh-save-mr-wisdom-s#/

Estefani Alarcon